Tuesday, January 31, 2017

7 Healthy On The Go Snacks For Bloggers and Artists

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I don't know about you, but in my creative career, I rarely feel like getting up from my project to make a snack. Something to grab while I'm still working is what I want. Not only do I want convenient, I want healthy too.

I'm going to share with you seven of my favorite healthy snacks. Due to health complications, I follow the paleo diet. This means no gluten, grain, dairy, legumes (that includes peanuts), soy, or refined sugar. That makes these snacks relatively allergy friendly.

I'll break  these snacks into two categories: sweet and savory. Now keep in mind, while these are made of healthy ingredients, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. But if you must indulge (it happens to the best of us) these are a much better choice than candy and cheese puffs! Alright then, let's start with savory.

Savory Snacks

Terra Chips & Wholly Guacamole

This is such a satisfying combination. Terra Chips are made from vegetables but they don't taste 'healthy' like you would expect. They can taste similar to tortilla chips, depending on the variety you get. My absolute favorite are the Taro Chips.

What better pair for chips than guacamole? My favorite guacamole is Wholly Guacamole. It's made from pure, simple ingredients with no additives. That's my kind of food. When I eat this guacamole with my taro chips, my taste buds dance!

Almond Butter

Almond butter is a great source of protein. And it was my go to snack (until I developed an intolerance from eating way too much of it) and I can't wait to eat it again! Usually I just ate it straight out of my own personal jar. There is a brand that sells them in individual, serving size packets called Justin's Almond Butter. I haven't tried them personally but I've heard nothing but good things about this brand. They also offer sweetened and flavored varieties like maple and vanilla. When I can eat almond butter again, I'm definitely going to try these!

Plantain Chips

Warning: these are so addictive! They have that perfect crunch and just the right amount of salt. Now they're usually made in palm oil so you don't want to make these your go to snack, more like a special treat. I get mine from the bulk bins at my local store, but there are brands that sell them as well, such as Inka Chips.


Dang Coconut Chips

Another warning on an addictive snack here! Dang Coconut Chips are a glorious little wafer of melt in your mouth goodness. My favorite variety is the Caramel Sea Salt. When I have a bag of these, I am one happy camper. They also make a great crunchy topping for desserts or breakfast foods!


Fruit and nuts are what you'll find in these. Larabars are a great alternative to the typical cereal bar. They have so many flavors like apple pie, lemon, banana bread, brownie, and my personal favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. These are so convenient and they sure do hit the spot when I'm hungry!

Coconut Butter

Another great eat right out of the jar snack is coconut butter, also known as coconut manna. I eat this when I feel like I need an energy boost, and it helps a lot. I usually get Nutiva Organic Coconut Manna. It's smooth and creamy and delicious. Sometimes I'll add a little raw honey and vanilla to it and make a frosting. It's very versatile.

Hail Merry Miracle Tarts

These are heaven on earth. Be warned, they're very rich and filling. But so worth it. The tarts are more of a dessert than a snack, but we can make an exception this time right? *Smile*. My favorite drool-worthy flavor is Persian Lime. At this moment my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

These are all my favorite healthy (sometimes indulgent) snacks. Each one of these can be found at your local Whole Foods. Many of them can be found at places like Kroger and Target. Look for them next time you're grocery shopping!

What's your favorite healthy snack? Share in the comment section below. And don't forget to subscribe for more healthy living tips for bloggers and artists!

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