Tuesday, January 24, 2017

How To Easily Come Up With New Products

Coming up with new product ideas can become difficult pretty quickly when you start your creative business. It was difficult for me before I even started! I tried very hard to come up with new and fresh concepts off the top of my head. Can anyone you relate?

I had to do something about this to prevent my small business from crashing before ever taking off. Just about as fast as I could, I developed a new anti "creative block" system. And now I going to share it with you!

Look To The Pros

Who better to get inspiration from than the people who have been successful? Now this is important. Do not copy their work. We're there to see the endless possibilities and spark an idea, not use somebody else's. Looking at the work of the 'pros' in your industry gives you a goal to shoot for. For me, this means looking at the work of famous artists and designers. For someone who knits or crochets, this could mean looking for inspiration at clothing stores. You get the picture.

Get Inspired By What's Around You

You can find inspiration for new products all around you. Go outside and be in awe of nature's beauty. Listen to a new music style. Look at those eye-catching pictures on Pinterest (you can find anything there, can I get an amen!) A certain color, sound, or smell could spark your next big idea. I was inspired to paint an Italian scene by some opera music I started listening to. In the end, I ended up painting three Italian themed paintings. Opera was my spark, who knew?

Research The Market

Look around to see what's trending. Not only will you be able to get some new concepts going, you'll be creating things that will be more likely to sell. Go to sites like Etsy and Amazon to see what type of products are selling the best. I jumped on the minimalist train and created some simple artworks after seeing how well they were doing for other artists.

Repurpose Your Work

When the above steps in the system don't work for you, go back to what you can trust. Your very own work. If you have a sculpted vase design that is doing well, smack a new handle on that baby. A necklace that people just can't get enough of? Make it in a new color. A blog post that went viral? Make a part two follow up! I did this with a butterfly sketch. I had one, saw that it was doing well, and then created two more to be sold individually and as a set. You are your best resource!

"Creative block" can be really tough to get through, but the above steps will of tremendous help to you. Have you been through a dry-spell before? What did you do to overcome it? Share how you created when creating didn't seem possible.

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