If you're here, one of the following probably applies to you:

~ You want to start your own creative business
~ You are an artist
~ You enjoy reading random blogs
~ You accidentally stumbled upon this page (why hello there!) 

I started my creative business, MB Canvas Design, when I was going through a rough time. I was too physically ill to maintain a job, tired of doing nothing, and wanting to share my art with the world. That's when I decided to open up an Etsy shop. However, there was a catch, I needed to do it without spending any money. Challenge accepted.

In less than two months after opening my shop, I got my first sale! Shortly after this happened, I realized there must be others out there, like me, that do not want to spend money on their business startup. And that is how this blog was born.

On this site you will find Etsy tips, art tutorials, and little comic strips about the life of an artist (and sometimes just life in general).

My name is Mackenzie and here are some random facts about me:

 ~ I have Celiac Disease (here's where you Google it)
~ Cacti, Italy, and Bulldogs are kind of my thing
~ Opera is my jam

Those are my three facts, and now it's your turn to share yours! Tweet them with the hashtag #fellowartistcollective

You can also use this hashtag to tag Instagram photos of your favorite creations. Each Monday on my Instagram, I feature a new artist that uses this tag to show spread some love in the creative community. You could be featured next!

Get To Know me
MB Canvas Design

Contact: mbrooke.m12@gmail.com

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